The Far West region is rich in promise, boasting mineral wealth and climatic conditions that give this region a unique competitive advantage in many industry sectors.

Our focus is on fostering economic diversity and creating opportunities for local communities. We are developing and harnessing relationships with our Aboriginal communities, delivering effective coordinated services and promising sustainability in the management of our resources.

Bordering Queensland and South Australia, the far west region of NSW is the most sparsely populated in the State, with 18.4 per cent of its area, but only 0.4 per cent of the population.

The region comprises of 2 Local Government (LGA) areas, Broken Hill City and Central Darling Shire, and along with the unincorporated area of NSW covers an area of approx. 147,000 sq. km.

Our enviable lifestyle centers around long hot summers ‘up the river’ at nearby Menindee, motorbike riding, fishing, cricket and socializing, which we do well! Our crisp winters come with footy and their staunch supporters, soccer all weekend, star gazing the clear winter skies, bush walking and tourist season! With affordable real estate, laid back living and a growing and diversifying economy, the Far West Region is the perfect place to work and live.