About The Region
The Far West Region of NSW encompasses the semi-arid lands of western NSW and is known for the Barrier Ranges, and the Darling River which flows through western NSW to join the Murray River at Wentworth.

The Far West embodies the dream of the Great Australian Outback with wide open spaces, untouched natural beauty, spectacular National Parks, red desert and rolling sand dunes, the mighty Darling River, rich Indigenous culture and history and an abundance of wildlife.

Local attractions include Mutawintji National Park which is home to 30,000-year-old Indigenous rock carvings, unique White Cliffs underground opal mines, the historical ghost town of Silverton and an eclectic collection of galleries and current and past artists including ‘Brushmen of the Bush’: Pro Hart, Eric Minchin, Jack Absalom, John Pickup and Hugh Schulz.

The region was first settled in the 1840’s with Broken Hill founded in 1883 following the discovery of silver and lead deposits and the formation of BHP.

The far west region has historically been the mineral powerhouse of the State. It also contains some of the State’s most flourishing agricultural enterprises and large stretches of the world-famous outback.

There is a strong mining industry, historically centered in Broken Hill, with significant new prospects for expansion within the region. The far west has a strong economy based on mining, agriculture, film, the arts and tourism.